RESY – Golden Check

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RESY Golden Check

Using assets provided by the creative director for the project, I created a 3d animation to highlight the Golden Check program run by RESY.

RESY Wine Swirl

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RESYxReserve Flood ITV

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I illustrated and animated this wine swirl by hand for RESY’s campaign surrounding their acquisition of the RESERVE app.

Fanduel Multisport

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Fanduel Multisport 1

I did all the graphics for this spot. We made pop up graphics appear to replicate what might be happening on the phone at the time, and added fun animations to some of the icons. We also made all of the text dynamic and interesting.

NASCAR Xfinity Series – Names Are Made Here

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I designed this spot, chose shots to be placed, and determined the overall timing and pace of the animation. A key element to the success of this spot was creating 3D lighting effects, and adding texture to both the text outlines and the footage itself. The animation became a key element of the end-cards for hundreds of other spots throughout the NASCAR season.

ESPN – Hand Eye Coordinaiton

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Hand Eye Coordination


I worked closely with those involved in this project from concept to completion. I consulted with the directors, producers, writers, editors, and special effects artists to ensure that the video both represented Overwatch well (as I was the only member of the creative team who had played the game), and spoke strongly to the deaf community. I carefully viewed all of the footage, and pulled key selects. I built references for the special effects team to refer to when building the 3d effects. I also installed overwatch on an office computer so the creative directors and producers could play the game and have a strong reference point for making an amazing film. I also built some sfx sequences myself for the pov shots. I’m really proud of the final product.

RESY Capital One Farm

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I edited this short film about RESYxCapital One’s experience. We also made and 30 second version, and the spot aired primarily on social media channels.

ESPN SEC Storied Trailers

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Rowdy SEC Storied Rough Cut v10A

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SEC Stacys Gift 30 RC v3

I edited these trailers for documentaries to air on ESPN’s SEC network. I also recorded the scratch tracks for the VO.